About Iowa built homes

Iowa Built Homes is dedicated to, and built on the Iowa Midwest work ethic, and dealing with suppliers and subcontractors that are honest folks who love what they do for a living.

We are unlike many other builders. We see our suppliers and subcontractors as our partners, we like to think of ourselves collectively as the Iowa Built Homes family. We also consider our customers as part of that family.

We can't build houses as fast as other builders. We don't develop land like many other builders, so we don't make any money on the lots we buy. But we do keep our overhead low, and unlike other builders, we are on each job site every day.

We listen to our suppliers, subcontractors, real estate agents and customers. They keep us up to date on the latest new materials and trends in the marketplace.

Each and every one of our homes is assigned a HERS Rating, which is a measure of how energy efficient the home is. Many builders do this only once to each home plan they build. Iowa Built Homes hires an independent energy rater to test each and every home we build, which involves the materials used in construction and performance of a blower door test on every home we build.

Iowa has some wonderful natural resources, wind to generate power and the best soil on earth to grow crops.Iowa also has a health hazard called Radon gas. Radon gas is a naturally occurring gas that leaches from the soil and Iowa has more than it's share of Radon.

Iowa Built Homes installs passive Radon mitigation in every home we build. This involves venting from under the basement floor up and out through the roof.This is very expensive to have done after the the home is built, but Iowa Built Homes thinks the health of you and your family is well worth the cost of venting this gas. This is just one of the many "upgrades" that are standard in an Iowa Built Home.

We don't think you can get more house for your dollar anywhere than you can from Iowa Built Homes.

Iowa Built Homes is always striving to improve the homes we build.